A booktiful love

A booktiful LOVE:
This book is a collection of poems. And it has been divided into three sections. These poems are not based on any single topic. Infact, they are based on different topics like trial and error, warrior, frozen, it’s okay not to feel okay, etc. 

The writing style of the poet is very different. Few of the poems I really loved and I crave for them more. It’s okay not to feel okay is my favourite poem from the book and the most relatable. 

The language is very rich and captivating. The narration is smooth. But I must say one should read it slow to understand in depth meaning what the poet is trying to convey through these poems. The title of the book is totally apt and the cover is beautiful. Would recommend to those who are into poetry. Beginners can also pick it.Attachments area

Rating 5/5


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